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 What do we do?


Ah, the entertainment industry. Endorsement advertising has grown the most. Everyone does it. Endorsement brand building in most market segments is accomplished today by signing up as many endorsers as humanly possible. while most use an endorsement plan to some degree, they all use it for the same reason: to establish credibility within the market.
Endorsements are one strong strategy for establishing a brand's credibility, So here are two rules for determining how to use endorsers in advertising:

Relevance and Uniqueness.
Is the use of endorsers in your marketing communications unique? Do your endorsers really bring necessary relevance to your products? Creating uniqueness and defining your relevance are two essential goals of your brands.



Over the years we have associated with events for corporate clients in most industry sectors all over India to design and deliver unique and memorable events. Through participative events we improve your business performance by creating event programmes that help motivate and inspire your staff, stakeholders & customers.

Our people are what make us different, providing the attention to detail that our corporate clients demand. We have direct access to over 100 full-time event professionals; no other company in our field of business can offer this amount of back-up and expertise. This has also allowed us to invest in other areas of our business, such as Health and Safety.


Event Sponsorship provides step-by-step guidelines for attracting, signing, and keeping sponsorship for any event, including festivals, conventions, expositions, sporting events, arts and entertainment spectaculars, charity benefits, and much more. Our hands-on resource presents successful strategies and tools for staying competitive in today's market by offering corporate sponsors the highest return possible on their investment. Leading experts give real-world advice for researching and targeting prospective companies, developing a sponsorship marketing plan, creating an effective proposal, selling the sponsorship, and negotiating a deal.


With its varied expertise on various levels of Production adequately supported by a resourceful think tank KARMA INTERNATIONAL has been offering production services to a varied list of satisfied clientele for a long time now. We have been catering to Agencies worldwide and have been enjoying warm business relations with big market players’ viz.

We also offer services in creative research, Production Designers for Production & Post Production Coordination, Computer Graphics, 2D, 3D, Seal Animation, etc

Production Designing and Coordination with technical crew.

Air Conditioned Shooting Floor of 300-sq. ft. area.

(For : Pack Shots, Anchor, Chroma & Portfolio’s)

Digital Camera Setup (DV, DVCam, DVC Pro)

Non Linear editing on Mac, Final Cut Pro 3

With HD, Digibeta, Beta, DV, DV Cam, DVC Pro support.

Lights for Video and Still Photography

Still Camera 4 x 5, 120mm & 35mm format.

DVD, VCD & CD authoring.


At Karma International,we believe in working as a team and we make sure that the client, the agency, the production team, the director, the artists and the crew contributes to the work and feels proud of every commercial that goes on-air so, bring it on. We strongly believe in producing high quality ad films that we could be proud of. It is this commitment that brings top-notch international and Indian directors and production talents to work with us. We are specializing in Ad Films Creation, Corporate Ads, Corporate Film production, Commercial TV-ads, Corporate films, Creative animation services, 3D promotions, Montage creation, Video editing, Brand signature music, Music videos, Radio commercial, Documentaries.

We also have expertise in Sound and Video post production of
corporate video, Commercial video, Television ads, Advertising jingles, Digital video, and Internet video production.

“HOLI ME HULLAD-DALLALA PE DALLAB NAHI” – A Music Video consisting of 8 picturised songs in Bhojpuri language depicting the various colorful  mood of  HOLI, is the recent production  of KARMA INTERNATIONAL (View Photos in Photo Section)


Having executed several Ad Films and Corporate films, Karma International has also had its shot on the field of Short Films, Documentaries & Music Videos.KARMA INTERNATIONAL also plans to get in to film production in Hindi,Marathi,Gujarati & Bhojpuri .There are various film projects being planned under this head.

Film Production Services In India

Karma International specializes in film production services and film production management throughout India.

Karma International has established a great working relationship within the Indian film industry and can provide clients with full film production services for any number of films,(movie, video) projects.

Film Production and Video Services:

  • Production coordinator in India for films and photography.
  • Location scouting and management in India for film, television and print, including efficient logistics solutions
  • Location permits in India (and production permits ) Acquire approval to retain exclusive estates for film and print locations
  • Coordination and hand selection of local crews, camera operators, grips, carpenters, production assistants, stylists, caterers and craft services.
  • Casting agent for film, television, video and print advertising campaigns
  • Location manager of film industry hotels for crew accommodations

 We bring increased value to all propositions by:

Media Buying & Selling (TV, Radio, Print, Internet)

Film Brand Association (In film advertising)

Entertainment Content Syndication

Advertiser Funded Content On Television

Conceptualizing and production of music videos, fiction & nonfiction TV shows.